Starter Website Features

All EcoWeb website designs offer unlimited updates for as long as you are subscribed.
In addition to this feature each website package offers its own unique group of features.
As your business grows and your digital marketing needs change your website can grow and elvove with it.

Mobile Responsive

Websites must be adaptable to all devices from oversized monitors to 5" smartphones. A Mobile responsive website will adjust its images, text, headings, and columns to fit the screen it is being viewed from. All EcoWeb designs are ready for any screen size.

Search Engine Optimization

Every EcoWeb website includes the Yoast SEO plugin. Advanced search engine optimization techniques to help your customers find you. Every page of your website will include the seven key points for on-page SEO: Title, Meta Description, Keywords, H2 text, Minimum word count, Image Alt-text, and page linking. Guaranteed to make your pages indexable and appealing to all search engines.

CRM Integration

From the contact form directly into the CRM, included with your website is a powerful Customer Relationship Management system. Complete with features every business needs to update the lifecycle stage of each past, present, and future customer. Stay organized, reduce data entry, and improve your time management with tools for meetings, task reminders, calendars, and notes.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers accurate and relevant data about your website visitors. From location to browser, and even what type of device they viewed your website on. Understand what pages are being viewed most, how your visitors are finding your site, and when they exit the site. Google Analytics gives you actionable data you can build on to improve your website design.

Professional Website Features

The professional plan includes everything from the starter package plus more.

Pop-up Form

The EcoWeb professional package includes pop-up form perfect for special offers, announcements, events, and newsletters. Increase your website conversion rates with perfectly timed pop-up offers and visitors browse your website content. Each form captures the visitor data and stores it in your CRM where you can use the information collected to build segmented lists for targeted email marketing.

Landing Page Templates

We build beautiful landing pages that generate leads and look great on any device. Landing pages are used to highlight products or services, and usually include a conversion opportunity for the visitor to become a lead. While the look of the landing page will match the rest of your website theme, the content is strong enough to stand alone and answer specific questions about your product or service.

20 More Website Pages

Where the starter package is limited to the 4 core website pages (Home, About, Services, Contact) our Professional Website package offers you an additional 20 website pages to highlight your team, projects, products, and services.

Blog Templates

Adding a blog to your website is an excellent way to create new content for your website. New content attracts new visitors and helps repeat visitors remain engaged with your brand. Blog content is most useful for educating your visitors about how your products and services are a solution to their questions.

Enterprise Website Features

The enterprise plan includes everything from the starter and professional packages without any limits.

Unlimited Pages, unlimited posts, endless possibilities.

Dynamic Content

EcoWeb enterprise websites can be used for hotel bookings, appointment bookings, automobile listings, and many more possibilities by using dynamic content. Dynamic content is used to create listings, bookings, and appointments. Dynamic content pulls information from your database and displays it for your visitor based on their search criteria.

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Advanced Analytics

EcoWeb enterprise websites off deeper insights into your visitor behaviour with advanced analytics. Integrated with your CRM learn more about what your contacts did while on your website. Advanced analytics offers a customer-centric report of your website activity. Close the loop between sales and marketing with over 250 possible reports.

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More Great Design Features

Customize the look and feel of your website with these amazing design features:

Animation Effects

Call to Action

Featured Images

Image Gallery

Progress Bar



Client Carousel

Google Map



Team Options




Notification Boxes

Service List


Blog Carousel

Divider Lines


Portfolio Options


Text Editors


Featured Icons


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